Harvesting garlic at Sol Feliz



Yesterday and today ( Y & T, remember that band?), we harvested the rest of the garlic as it is time.  We can tell because the scapes are mostly standing straight up and the seed heads are formed.  For those that cut the scapes for pesto and to make the garlic grow bigger, the garlic can be seen as ready when the lower two or three sets of leaves start to turn yellow and dry out…  We only cut some of our scapes for pesto as we will press the oil out of the seed head for garlic oil.

Here you can see Cody Apodaca on the left and Chris Duran, two of our Sembradores helping out today.  They harvested the two rows of garlic that they planted by their fellow Chrysalis students last November.  This resulted in 5 bundles with a total of about 100 bulbs of garlic.  After the garlic cures, the students will take some home to eat, will likely sell some, and we are already looking to get some land and soil ready to replant the best and biggest ones this fall…  So next year we will hope to have three of four times as much garlic for our Sembradores to use as fundraising or for other home and barter uses…


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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