Transplants and trellising at the Grow Dome



I got a phone call yesterday asking if we had some space for some more starter plants including tomatoes, lettuce, and broccoli.  I replied in the affirmative and thanks to Bob Pederson of Tierra Lucero and Micah Roseberry, we showed up and there they were!  So Kiko, Cody, and I went to work.  We had to make space in our beds so we cleared out some bok choi, mustard greens, and lettuce that went to seed.  Now we have seed to replant!  But more than that, we intend to make packages of seed available for sale as a fundraiser.  So if you need seed for next year, let us know!

We also put some more trellising up, our bottle gourds are really climbing now and we have to stay ahead of them!


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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