Preparing and planting the ‘Mondragon’ Field


We have been periodically monitoring and caring for a field we leased behind Chrysalis since we planted three rows of garlic last fall as well as our potatoes, alberjon (peas), habas (fava beans), and onions this early spring.  Now we are getting the field ready for our summertime cropping of maize, beans, squash, and garbanzos.  First we cleared the weeds and applied a truckload-full of composted manure we obtained from Dave Vargas.  We spread the compost on a piece of land that ultimately made 11 rows for our maize and squash.  We tilled it in, made rows, and started planting!  This field is in white corn, a kind of maize known as ‘maíz concho.’  We will be making chicos from this corn in our horno as well while saving some for the posole or nixtamal process…



About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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