The Grow Dome gets bluegill fish

BluegillToday we make a new use for our 900 gallon water tank on the north side of the Grow Dome.  We currently have about 6 goldfish to “test the waters” for fish survival and so far so good…  Thanks to Eric Frey, Sportfish Program Manager of New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, we received about 40 bluegill.  We are looking to raise these fish for a year or two before harvest.   We will be measuring their growth periodically as part of our math/science curriculum at Chrysalis.  More importantly, we are hoping to couple our aquaculture operation with aquaponics, using these nutrient rich waters to grow crops.  In this way, we are hoping to create a sustainable semi-closed-looped ecosystem that provides fish and vegetables.


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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