New irrigation diversion structure for Acequia

20140205-113051.jpgToday we saw the completion of a project for the parciantes (irrigators) of Acequia Madre del Sur del Río de Don Fernando de Taos.  The process was initiated by a previous Commission through a program offered by the Taos Soil and Water Conservation District (TSWCD).  This diversion structure will serve our irrigators that use the Acequia del Medio and the Candalaria Lateral.  This is an incredible improvement over what we had previously which was just using boards, rocks, and plastic to divert the water.  Now we have this more efficient structure that will make our Mayordomo’s job more efficient while providing the means for more effective water delivery.

The project was almost postponed due to snow, which is a welcome development in this exceptionally dry winter season.  Luckily the project was able to be completed before our irrigation season begins.  Now we just need more snow so we can even have irrigation this Spring!  A big ‘Thank you’ goes to Matt Valerio and Peter Vigil of the TSWDC and to contractor Philip Maestas who was awarded the bid and completed the job!


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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