Planting mostly completed at school garden

20140522-162744.jpgToday we had another day of visits by Enos Garcia Elementary to help finish plant the field.  We had another 100-150 students out today and were also able to give them seed packets for our photo contest.  We finished planting most of the field in our milpa in addition to a row of sunflowers, but we still have five rows left where we need to transplant chile and other crops.

20140522-163331.jpgWe conducted miniature presentations for the students, mostly trying to generate enthusiasm and interest for what we are doing with their help and participation.  Trying to get them to look forward to watching the garden grown, harvesting, and making chicos in the coming September.  We gave them each three seeds and explained the dicho or saying “Uno para mi, uno para vos, y uno para los animalitos de Dios.”  This saying has been found with many elder farmers in the region and represents not only a planting technique but also a land ethic.  After the students were given their three seeds, they lined up and planted a spot in the garden.  It is nice to know that this garden has been planted and visited by hundreds and hundreds of students…


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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