First drip-irrigation at Parr Field

20140531-073318-27198023.jpgThe milpa is planted and got much rain last week.  But now it is time to do our part and get the irrigation going.  We laid out the drip lines, connected them to the headers, and connected the headers to a manifold with many hoses.  We then hooked up our main line to the irrigation system that comes from a dedicated well for this purpose.  We then turned it on.  There was some issues with pressure and water not going in the right valves.  We haven’t solved all of these problems but we made it work.

20140531-073329-27209212.jpgThese drip lines have not been used in about 9 months and overwintered and so we had some broken fittings and leaks in the lines.  We did our best to fix and rig these problems but will likely have to replace some lines as time goes on.  We will run this system for many hours to saturate the soil and encourage root growth downwards.  We plan on irrigating twice a week throughout the season.


About Miguel

Miguel Santistevan is a researcher, educator, and advocate for traditional agriculture crops and systems.
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