A variety of services are offered through the non-profit AIRE or through Miguel Santistevan, consultant, in a fee-for-service arrangement.  These workshops can be given at your location or can be based at Sol Feliz Farm and typically include a hands-on component.  Fees are based on the context of consulting (i.e. education, government, private, community efforts) and can be negotiated on a case by case basis.  Following are some of the services we can provide:

WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS – a variety of workshops are ready to go as powerpoint presentations, presentations in our Sol Feliz outdoor classroom, informal storytelling around a campfire, and/or hands-on experiences.  Workshops  consist of a slide show presentation or lecture followed by hands-on activities.  Workshops can be created/combined for your needs depending on interest, time allotted, and budget.  Workshop themes include, but are not limited to:

Acequia agriculture – the history, anatomy, and use of acequias for irrigation.  An explanation of water rights, issues with climate change, and the globalization of water provide a context to understand contemporary issues in the survival of acequias.

Permaculture – the fundamentals of Permaculture design for high-desert environments.  Includes gardening, livestock, medicinal/edible plants, sustainable architecture, food preparation and storage, restoration of the watershed, and other innovations in sustainable agriculture.

Food traditions – Northern New Mexico food traditions like chicos and posole.  A partnership with Taos Real Food ( can make these topics come alive with a demonstration, tasting, or cooking class.

Seed saving – the fundamentals of growing, adapting, and saving seed including growing, wet and dry processing, seed storage, crop types for different areas, and methods for success.

Watershed science, form, and function – learn about the ecological importance and functioning of watersheds and river systems with emphasis on assessment and restoration.

Soils – fundamentals of controlling erosion and building soils using compost, worm compost, compost tea, and biochar.  Learn how building soils is a most viable strategy for addressing climate change.

Climate Change adaptation – learn about ways to create food and water security and community resilience in response to the impacts of climate extremes.

Cosmic/sacred geometry and consciousness – appreciate form and pattern within and throughout and gain an understanding of the workings of the universe and our place in it.

New Mexico and regional history – learn ancient oral histories and listen to contemporary stories of struggle and survival in northern New Mexico and the desert Southwest.

Educator training – learn ways to teach about soils, seeds, water, the watershed, and climate change.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING – Keynote presentations on the possibilities of food security, youth education, graduations, healthy living, and hope for the future.

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTATION – site assessment and planning for gardening, soil building, poultry operations, and Permaculture Design.

ECO-TOURS – Work the fields, irrigate, learn to cook traditional meals, learn to work with adobe, and/or take hikes with an interpretive guide in the Taos Valley.  Stay in a local bed and breakfast for more comfort or pitch a tent at Sol Feliz Farm for a more rugged experience.

MUSIC & POETRY– flute, guitar, and percussion music can be played at your event or venue.  Music can also be part of some of the services above.  Poetry features themes of sacredness of nature or explorations into our human condition.



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